Ælfthryth of DevonAge: 54 years945999

Ælfthryth of Devon
Birth about 945 65
MarriageEdgar “il Pacifico” of WessexView this family
965 (Age 20 years)

Birth of a son
“Æthelred” II “the UnreadyUnrædRedeles” of England
about 966 (Age 21 years)

Death of a fatherOrdgar of Devon
971 (Age 26 years)

Regina, d'Inghilterra
from 973 (Age 28 years)

Death of a husbandEdgar “il Pacifico” of Wessex
July 8, 975 (Age 30 years)
Marriage of a child“Æthelred” II “the UnreadyUnrædRedeles” of EnglandÆlfgiva ??View this family
between 980 and 985 (Age 35 years)

Death between 999 and 1002 (Age 54 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Family with Edgar “il Pacifico” of Wessex - View this family
Marriage: 965
2 years


http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/ENGLAND,%20AngloSaxon%20nobility.ht m ÆLFTHRYTH (Lydford Castle, Devon ([945]- Wherwell Abbey, Hampshir e [999/1002], bur Wherwell Abbey). The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records t he marriage in 965 of King Edgar and Ælfthryth, stating that she wa s the daughter of ealdorman Ordgar [1]. Simeon of Durham records the m arriage of King Eadgar and "the daughter of Ordgar duke of Devonshir e after the death of her husband Elfwold… duke of the East Angles" i n 964 [2]. Roger of Hoveden names her, her father and her first husban d, when recording her second marriage [3]. Geoffrey Gaimar records a l engthy account of King Edgar having sent "Edelwoth" to woo "Estrueth l a fille Orgar" on his behalf, and Æthelwold having married her withou t the king´s knowledge [4]. King Edgar granted land in Buckinghamshir e to "Ælfgifu que mihi afinitate mundialis cruoris coniuncta" in 96 6 [5]. "Ælfthryth regina" subscribed charters of King Edgar dated bet ween 964 and 974 [6]. William of Malmesbury recounts that King Edgar k illed Ælfthryth's first husband to enable him to marry her [7]. She w as crowned with her husband in 973, apparently the first recorded inst ance of the coronation of a queen in England. It was alleged that sh e was involved in the plot to kill her stepson so her own son could su cceed as king [8]. "Ælfthryth regina" subscribed charters of King Æt helred II between 979 and 983 [9], and "Ælfthryth regis mater" betwee n 981 and 999 [10]. She became a nun at Wherwell Abbey, Hampshire in [ 985]. Her son King Æthelred II granted privileges to Wherwell Abbey i n 1002 for the benefit of her soul [11]. m firstly [as his second wife ,] ÆTHELWOLD Ealdorman of the East Angles, son of --- (-before 964) . The ''Vita Oswaldi'' names Æthelwald as husband of Ælfthryth [12] . m secondly ([965]) as his second wife, EDGAR "the Peaceable" King o f England [1] Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, D, 965. [2] Simeon of Durham, p . 506. [3] Roger of Hoveden I, p. 62. [4] Wright, T. (ed.) (1850) '' The Anglo-Norman Metrical Chronicle of Geoffrey Gaimar'' (London), lin es 3621-3911, pp. 123-33. [5] S 703. [6] S 725, S 746, S 766, S 77 9 and S 789. [7] Sharpe, Rev. J. (trans.), revised Stephenson, Rev. J . (1854) William of Malmesbury, ''The Kings before the Norman Conquest '' (Seeleys, London, reprint Llanerch, 1989) II, 157, p. 140. [8] Mal mesbury II, 162, p. 143. [9] S 835, S 840 and S 843. [10] S 838, S 8 45, S 877, S 878, S 891 and S 896. [11] S 904. [12] Raine, J. (ed. ) (1879) ''Vita Oswaldi archiepiscopi Eboracensis'' (London), pp. 399- 475, iii.14, cited in PASE "Ælfthryth 8".