Edgar “il Pacifico” of WessexAge: 32 years943975

Edgar “il Pacifico” of Wessex
il Pacifico
Birth about 943 22 43

Death of a fatherEdmund of Wessex
May 26, 946 (Age 3 years)
MarriageÆlfthryth of DevonView this family
965 (Age 22 years)

Birth of a son
“Æthelred” II “the UnreadyUnrædRedeles” of England
about 966 (Age 23 years)

Death of a paternal grandmotherEadgifu del Kent
August 26, 968 (Age 25 years)

Death of a maternal grandmotherWynflæd ??
between 900 and 1005

Death of a motherÆlfgifu ??
between 943 and 1020
Death July 8, 975 (Age 32 years)
Re, d'Inghilterra

Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: about 940
4 years
Family with Ælfthryth of Devon - View this family
Marriage: 965
2 years


http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/ENGLAND,%20AngloSaxon%20&%20Danish%20K ings.htm EDGAR, son of EDMUND King of Wessex & his first wife Ælfgif u --- ([943]-Winchester 8 Jul 975, bur Glastonbury Abbey [1]). Florenc e of Worcester records the birth of "filium… Eadgarum" to "regi Eadm undo… sua regina sancta Ælfgiva", undated but dateable to [943] fro m the context [2]. "Adgar clito" subscribed a charter of King Eadred d ated 953 [3], and "Eadgar frater regis" subscribed charters of King Ea dwig in 955 and 956 [4]. He was elected king in 957 by the people of M ercia and Northumbria [5], apparently supported by his grandmother an d by Dunstan abbot of Glastonbury. Reuniting the kingdom on his brothe r's death, he succeeded in 959 as EDGAR "the Peaceable" King of Englan d. He supervised the revival of Benedictine monasticism and the refor m of the English church. He was crowned in Bath Abbey 11 May 973, foll owed by the ceremonial submission to his rule by six British kings [6 ] at Chester. The ceremony resulted in no change in the title used i n charters when naming the king, who was referred to indiscriminatel y as "rex Anglorum", "totius Britannie telluris dominus", "totie Brita nnice insule basileus" or "rex totius Albionis". The reform of the coi nage took place in the same year, including the introduction of a syst em of coin management which involved regular recall and reissue of coi ns usually every six years, operated through a network of 40 mint town s. The administrative sub-divisions of the shires, hundreds and wapent akes, date from Edgar's reign. King Edgar granted autonomy to the Dani sh eastern part of England, which came to be known as the Danelaw, wit h recognition of its legal and social customs. The Anglo-Saxon Chronic le records the death on 8 Jul 975 of King Edgar [7]. Simeon of Durha m records the death "VIII Id Jul" in 975 of "King Eadgar" and his buri al at Glastonbury [8]. The ''Libellus de Anniversariis'' of Ramsey Mon astery records the death “VIII Id Jul” of “Edgarus rex Anglie