“Æthelred” II “the UnreadyUnrædRedeles” of EnglandAge: 50 years9661016

“Æthelred” II “the UnreadyUnrædRedeles” of England
Birth about 966 23 21

Death of a maternal grandfatherOrdgar of Devon
971 (Age 5 years)

Death of a fatherEdgar “il Pacifico” of Wessex
July 8, 975 (Age 9 years)
Re, di Inghilterra
from 978 (Age 12 years)

MarriageÆlfgiva ??View this family
between 980 and 985 (Age 14 years)

Birth of a daughter
Ælfgifu of England
between 990 and 995 (Age 24 years)
Birth of a son
Eadmund “Ironside” of England
about 990 (Age 24 years)

Death of a motherÆlfthryth of Devon
between 999 and 1002 (Age 33 years)
MarriageEmma di NormandiaView this family
between 1000 and 1002 (Age 34 years)

Birth of a daughter
Godgifu of England
between 1000 and 1013 (Age 34 years)

Marriage of a childUhtred de NorthumbriaÆlfgifu of EnglandView this family
between 1009 and 1016 (Age 43 years)

Marriage of a childEadmund “Ironside” of EnglandÆldgyth ??View this family
1015 (Age 49 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherÆlfgifu ??
between 943 and 1020
Death of a wifeÆlfgiva ??
between 990 and 1070 (Age 24 years)

Death April 23, 1016 (Age 50 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: 965
2 years
Family with Ælfgiva ?? - View this family
Marriage: between 980 and 985
16 years
Ælfgifu of England
Birth: between 990 and 995 24 45Mercia, The Land of the Tomsaetians (Inghilterra)
Death: about 1042Mercia Lincolnshire (Inghilterra)
1 year
Family with Emma di Normandia - View this family
Marriage: between 1000 and 1002
14 years
Canuto “il Grande” di Danimarca + Emma di Normandia - View this family
wife’s husband
Marriage: July 1017


http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/ENGLAND,%20AngloSaxon%20&%20Danish%20K ings.htm ÆTHELRED, son of EDGAR "the Peaceable" King of England & hi s second wife Ælfthryth of Devon ([966]-London 23 Apr 1016, bur Old S t Paul's Cathedral). Simeon of Durham names "Eadmuind and Egelræd" a s the sons of King Eadgar and his wife "the daughter of Ordgar duke o f Devonshire…" [1]. Roger of Hoveden gives his parentage [2]. When h is father died, a large number of nobles promoted the election of Æth elred to succeed instead of his older half-brother, maybe because th e latter was considered unsuitable due to his outbursts of rage or bec ause of the inferior status of his mother. He succeeded after the murd er of his half-brother in 978 as ÆTHELRED II "the Unready/Unræd/Rede les" King of England, crowned 4 Apr or 4 May 978 at Kingston-upon-Tham es. Danish attacks on England recommenced in 980, with raids on Hampsh ire, Thanet and Cheshire. Raids on Devon and Cornwall followed in 981 , and on Dorset in 982. A further wave of attacks started in 988 in De von. As part of his plan to control the Danes, King Æthelred agree d a non-aggression pact with Richard I "Sans Peur" Comte de Normandi e on 1 Mar 991, designed apparently to dissuade either party from shel tering Viking marauders [3]. After a third wave of attacks in 991, Kin g Æthelred signed a treaty with Olaf Tryggveson (who succeeded in [99 5] as Olav I King of Norway) under which 22,000 pounds of gold and sil ver was paid in return for a promise of help in thwarting future attac ks. The treaty presumably never came into full effect, despite paymen t of the money, as this was only the first of a long series of "Danege ld" payments funded by heavy taxation which ultimately led to the virt ual ruin of King Æthelred's government. The attack of 994, in which f or the first time Svend King of Denmark took part, resulted in some En glish support to declare Svend king from those who despaired of King