Alpaïde di BruyèresAge: 45 years640685

Alpaïde di Bruyères
Birth between 640 and 670 80

Marriage“Pipino” II di HeristalView this family

Birth of a brotherDodone di Bruyères
between 620 and 680

Birth of a son
Carlo Martello Carolingi
685 (on the date of death)

Death of a husband“Pipino” II di Heristal
December 16, 714 (Age 74 years)
Death of a sonCarlo Martello Carolingi
October 22, 741 (Age 101 years)
Death of a father?? di Bruyères
between 640 and 745

Death between 685 and 765 (Age 45 years)

Family with parents - View this family
51 years
Family with “Pipino” II di Heristal - View this family
Marriage: unmarried
“Pipino” II di Heristal + Plectrude ?? - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: about 670

Note CHALPAIS [Alpais] , sister of DODO, daughter of ---. Sigeberto's ''Vita Landiberto episc opi Traiectensis'' names "puellam nobilem… Alpaidem" as second wif e of Pépin, specifying that she was "soror… Dodonis qui domesticu s Pippini principis erat" [''Vita Landberti episcopi Traiectensis Auct ore Sigeberto'' xvi, MGH SS rer. Merov. VI, p. 397]. The mid-12th cent ury ''Genealogica ex Stirpe Sancti Arnulfi'' names "Alpade, sorore Dod onis, qui sanctum Lambertum episcopum Leodinensem martyrisavit" as sec ond wife of Pépin [''Genealogica ex Stirpe Sancti Arnulfi descendenti um Mettensis'' 1, MGH SS XXV, p. 382]. Settipani does not support th e theory that Alpais was the sister of Bertrada, mother of Charibert , whose daughter married Pépin King of the Franks, the hypothesis bei ng based on King Pépin and his wife inheriting property from their re spective fathers [Settipani (1993), p. 156]. The Chronicle of St Bèz e records that "Dodone comite" killed "sanctus Lambertus Tungrorum Epi scopus" [Abbé E. Bougaud (ed.) (1875) ''Besuensis Abbatiæ Chronicon , authore Joanne Monacho'' (Dijon) [same volume as Chronicle of Saint- Bénigne de Dijon], p. 246, footnote 2 commenting that the murder too k place in 696 and that Dodon was the brother of Alpais].